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Kimono Rental
History of Okamoto

The parent shop, "Okamoto Orimono Shop" , has been in business for past 180 years, since 1830, as a principal distributor of Tatsumura artistic textiles.
We have accessories for kimonos, various little items and textiles.

What is Okamoto Orimono (Rental Kimono Okamoto)?


This is a rental specialized shop produced by the parent shop "Okamoto-Orimono Shop". A broad line-up of kimonos which only Okamoto-Orimono Shop with its 180 year-history could offer. Over 1000 kimonos are available. We started kimono-rental supported by our parent shop which has been running its business on the approach to Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto over the years. As a shop where people can experience the tradition of Kyoto easily, our service is increasingly popular amongst overseas customers, not only Japanese, in recent years.

Main Shop  Click picture to enlarge it
330㎡ land facing Kiyomizu-dera Temple!
You can enjoy photo shooting on the 2nd floor featured by antique stained glass or in the garden on the ground floor.

Since there is a coin parking meter nearby, it is convenient for customers who are coming by a car/with a family. Students on school excursions by taxi are also welcome to visit.
Kiyomizuzaka Shop  Click picture to enlarge it
Along the approach to Kiyomizu Temple. One minute walk from Kiyomizu Temple.
This shop is located in the street where many stores are visited by a large number of sightseers.

A large number of groups / persons would like to take a photo at the studio.
Gion Shop  Click picture to enlarge it
One minute walk from Kodai-ji Temple! Three minutes’ walk from Gion・Yasakajinnjya. In the shop there is the “Basho-do”, which is the temple having an ancient and honorable origin, and Kyomachi-ya, which is located along the stone pavement, is the best location to experience Kyoto.

Since the rooms normally used by gentlemen are large, these rooms are suitable for men, couples / persons who would like to experience Kyoto. Persons who would like to touch history / the location of which can easily access to locations other than the Higashiyama area.
Yasakanotomae Shop  Click picture to enlarge it
Location of the tower of Yasaka is overlooking from the store,
At the time of dusk , it takes the light to street light,
You can enjoy the fantastic Kyoto atmosphere .
Kirakuan  Click picture to enlarge it
Kirakuan Okamoto

Greetings from the President

We wanted you to dress up in kimono freely and become more familiarized with kimono. This is why we started kimono-rental. Though kimonos may make you feel a bit nervous, we have everything you need and can dress you in kimono right away as per our slogan "Come along with empty hands". Previously, there was no such concept of renting a kimono, however we wanted our customers to feel more comfortable with kimonos, so this is the form which we finally came up with. We'd like to preserve the Japanese tradition in various forms as nowadays we have fewer occasions to wear kimono. Lovely cityscape of Kyoto and kimonos fit well together.
Please feel more familiar with kimonos and enjoy it on this perfect occasion.

Greetings from the Store Manager

Many people find wearing kimono cumbersome and troublesome, however our shop will totally change such perceptions and give you an easy-to-wear kimono experience. You can realize your dream to dress up in a kimono beautifully. You can easily become a kimono beauty of Kyoto as we coordinate you from dress-up to hair styling in a full set.

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Main Shop

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Kiyomizuzaka Shop

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