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Kimono Rental

Special Features of Rental Kimono Okamoto

List of Plans Offered by Rental Kimono Okamoto

All the plans offered by Rental Kimono Okamoto include "Full-set rental + kimono dressing".
(Free tabi-socks as a gift♪)

Long-sleeved kimono is a formal dress for unmarried women. You can wear it for a variety of occasions such as the coming-of-age ceremony, a wedding ceremony and a thank-you party. You will please everyone attending ceremonies in gorgeous long-sleeved kimono.

Speaking of graduation ceremonies, it always comes with hakama!! We have wide variety of hakamas that match different sizes and body shapes. Please come by for a preview as we have an increasing number in stock. We have many kimonos other than those listed on the Kiyomizu Shop website.
Semi-formal dress is a formal dress for married women. It can be used for miscellaneous occasions such as tea ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and graduation ceremonies for the kids. Of course accessories are all included in a set for rental, so you can feel free wearing a kimono altogether.
It is the most formal attire for married women and has a variety of Kurotomesode and IKrotomesode. For younger ones, wholly patterned kimonos and for mature ones, subdued kimonos with simple pattern on sleeves are recommended respectively.
To wear a kimono, a sense of the season is important above all.
In June, an unlined kimono is typically worn. In July and August, summer fabrics like silk gauze or weft gauze are worn.
It is hard to buy a full set of these kimonos by yourself, however if you come to Rental Kimono Okamoto,
we have a wide range of kimonos in our collection that suits every season. Please visit us for the new experience.
  • We also have Tsukesage, semi-formal kimono, long-sleeved kimono, and Hakama. Feel free to call us for further consultation.


Reservation & Inquiry

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