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Q. What is the difference among Main Shop, Kiyomizuzaka Shop, Yasakanotomae Shop and
Gion Shop?

A. All the shops have the same plans, contents and types of kimono.
You can choose one by the location and atmosphere you like.
For more details, please see the shop information.


Q. Do I really have nothing to prepare by myself?

A. We have undershirts, tabi socks, zori sandals and bags, all the necessary things prepared for you.
Please visit our shop with empty hands.
There is no additional charge as they are already inclusive in the price.
(Winter season) As measures for cold weather, it would be helpful to keep you warm if you bring “low-cut shirt, fitting trousers, gloves or shawl”, etc.

Q. I don’t know which plan to choose.

A. Please visit our shop and see which plan you like.
Choose your favorite course.
You can change your plan after you visit our shop.

Q. How long does it take for dressing and hair styling?

A. It takes approximately 1 - 1.5 hour for choosing kimono + dressing + hair styling + preparation for going out for a walk.
The time varies widely depending on how long each customer takes to choose kimono.
Also, some customers arrive early and others late for various circumstances.
There may be some cases where you have to wait even with a reservation.
We would appreciate your kind understanding.
During the peak season, there may be heavy traffic jam around the shops.
We would like to advise you to schedule extra time just in case.

Q. Do you have kimono for kids?

A. We have kimono for boys and girls, from 0 years old.
Enjoy our kimono with your family.

Q. I am tall (short). Do you have kimono for me?

A. We have a special plan for customers more than 170cm tall, plus size and petit size.
There are many kimonos ordered originally for our shops.
Please do not worry.
Large size zori sandals are also available.

Q. Do you have kimono for wedding ceremony (graduation ceremony)?

A. Formal kimonos, such as long-sleeved kimono, semi-formal kimono, tomesode, hakama, are available in Kawaramachi Shop.
Please specify your desired kimono at least one day before by visiting our shop or online.
On the day, we can dress you if you visit us, or send the kimono to all areas in Japan.
Feel free to contact us for more details.

Hair Styling

Q. What kind of hair styling do you provide?

A. Professional hair styling using curlers.
You can choose from 3 types: Curl & up, Kabuse, or Side-up.
We style at your desire. Tell our stylist how you want the curl or the hair tips.
A la cart hair styling such as braid is available for 1,000 yen.
Please feel free to order.

Q. Can I rent hair accessories?

A. We have plenty of hair accessories such as flowers and hair pins with ornament.
The accessories are free of charge if you use our hair styling service.

Q. I have short hair. Can you style me?

A. Short hair becomes gorgeous only by making some curls in the top part.
If you have certain length, we can style you.
Please consult with our hair stylists.
Also, you can rent hair accessories only.

Q. I don’t use hair styling service. Can I rent only hair accessories?

A. Rental hair accessories are available at 300 yen.
Please choose your favorite from our wide range of flower ornaments and hair pins with ornament.

How to return

Q. What time should I return kimono?

A. Our shops are open until 20:00. You can come back to the shop at latest by 18:30.
Please return your kimono to the shop where you rent it.
Enjoy your time in kimono.

Q. Outside of opening hours

A. Please call us for more information about early morning dressing / returning outside of opening hours.

Q. How can I return the kimono?

A. ①Please return to the rented store. (no later than 18:30)
  ②Return at your hotel: We deliver your clothes to the hotel you are staying.
   Leave the kimono at the reception in the next morning.
  ③Return next day: Return the kimono to the shop the following day.
   (Deposit 10,000yen and ID required)

Q. After changing to kimono, can I leave my clothes and suitcase in the shop?

A. Yes. We will keep your clothes at our shop without charge (except valuables).
Please return to the shop within our opening hours.
Also, we offer another plan that we deliver your clothes to the hotel you are staying.
(See Optional Plans for details)

Q. Can you also deliver my stuff other than my clothes?

A. Yes, we deliver your travel bags/suitcase together with the clothes.
Feel free to contact us.

Q. Can I return kimono at any hotel?

A. Basically the service is available only at the hotels inside Kyoto city.
There may be some cases where we cannot provide the service.
Please check with us when you make a reservation.


Q. Do you have yukata for rent?

A. Rental yukata is available only in July and August.
Many branded yukatas!
We have thinner kimonos such as unlined kimono or summer kimono especially for summer.
Enjoy kimono/yukata according to the season.

Q. Do you have yukata for sale?

A. Yukata for sale is available during summer.
Our complete set of 5 items (yukata + obi + geta + bag + waist band) enables you to go out in your yukata just after the purchase!

Q. (Winter season) Do you have shawls/haori coats?

A. Shawls are free of charge for all plans!
Haori coats are free of charge for Full Set Attire Plan!
(Additional charge for other plans) We have a wide variety of shawls/haori coats.
Enjoy winter kimono style.